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Emilio Cavallini was born in San Miniato, Pisa in 1945. In the mid-sixties he dedicated himself to his greatest passions: fashion and art, and his work emerged in an innovative and original way. In the late sixties he went to London and collaborated with Mary Quant on her stocking collections. Emilio Cavallini reinvented the idea of pantyhose, drawing his inspiration from contemporary art, and stockings became an elegant accessory that redefined women.

Through the years, his innovative style has lead him to collaborate with Mary Quant, Dior, Cé line, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Gucci. Celebrities were very supportive of his work: Madonna, Beyoncé , Lady Gaga and many more were spotted wearing Emilio Cavallini hosiery or ready to wear. Emilio Cavallini's designer career lead him to navigate artistic circles, especially in the United States. While he gained notoriety as a designer in the fashion world, he started to create important artworks to fulfill his own personal interests. A few years ago, in 2010, he decided to devote himself exclusively to his art and to make it public.

Emilio Cavallini uses unconventional materials for his art, materials borrowed from the fashion world: nylon yarns, printed fabrics, his own tights, yarn's reels etc. His artistic research is founded on geometry and mathematics: dots, lines, squares, triangles, circles are settled in a 3D environment. Everything follows combinatorial principles, permutations, growth algorithms and the most recent mathematical-geometrical theories, as you can see from his artworks titles. Emilio Cavallini's artistic path follows important art movements of the second half of the 1900's from the Kinetic Art to the Generative Art. In February 2011 the Triennale Expo in Milan presented a large retrospective of his work entitled Transguration.

In 2015 his artworks were shown at the gallery "Rosai e Ugolini" in New York, at "Opera Gallery" in Paris and at "Galleria Valmore" in Vicenza, Italy.
In the 2016 he exposed at "GR Gallery" in New York.
Emilio Cavallini artistic path was outlined in the book Magnicent Obsession curated by Benedetta Barzini, published by Skira.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

Trinneale of Milan, Milan, Italy

Rosai Ugolini Modern - New York, United States
Opera Gallery - Paris, France
Galleria Valmore - Vicenza, Italy

GR Gallery - New York, United States

The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, United States
Castello di Belgioioso - Pavia, Italy

Galleria Novecento di Palazzo Sarcinelli - Conegliano, Italy
I A & A at Hillyer - Washington, United States
GR Gallery 255 Bowery - New York, United States



The arithmetic rigor and Geometric harmony are my main sources of inspiration, the collections have their names in admiration and trust in mathematical concepts and procedures


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