Oltre la tela

Castello di Belgioioso,
21 Ottobre 2017
26 Novembre 2017

What is interesting and essential in art is the natural capacity of the artist to show us the world, in the way he sees it, not the way he actually sees looking at a window, but the way he wants us to see it” . We can start with this strong definition by Arthur Coleman Danto, American philosopher and art critic, who passed away in 2013. Danto is recognized, even by the Europeans, as one of the most important figure for the interpretations of contemporary art. It is necessary to refer back to Danto when reviewing Emilio Cavallini. Simplifications are dangerous, however sometimes they are necessary, because they are very important: if Arthur Danto hadn’t met Emilio Cavallini in 2010, viewing his geometrical and colored shapes as art pieces, this book and this art exhibit (and the previous ones) wouldn’t have been possible. Cavallini has embraced Danto’s interpretation of his work and has grown from it.